Top Reasons to Buy a Property in ATHENS


A house in Athens offers much more opportunities than a house in any other part of Greece.

Athens gives easy access to all destinations. The buyer is not stuck to the same island and the same scenery. Instead having a property in Athens the investor can travel to any island or beautiful spot in Greece for a holiday break or business to any other place in Greece or to other countries.

 Pireas Port connects Athens with all Greek Islands with fast boats, ferries or speed catamarans. In 30 minutes you can travel to Aegina or nearby islands like Agistri and Poros to spend a beautiful day. In 1 to 3 hours there are many Cyclades islands and in longer journeys further islands in the Aegean. You may even get in a boat, sleep 8 hours during the night and wake up in the morning in Crete Island!!

 Athens International Airport connects Athens with all European Capitals and the rest of the world:  1 hour and 15 minutes to Rome, 3 hours and 15 min to Paris, 3 hours and 40 min to London and 10 hours to Philadelphia, US. There are also every day connecting domestic flights (less than an hour flights) to most of the Greek islands from Athens Int’l Airport. In 40 minutes you may fly to Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Corfu and many more islands.  

 Yachting also is very popular and gives a value for money option to visit all islands – starting with distances like 30 minutes to Aegina island or 2 and a half hours to Spetses by speed boat, 4 hours by sailing boat to Kea island for a  beautiful weekend full of sunshine and swimming.  Longer journeys can sail you to all islands for unforgettable value for money holidays. 80% of Greek Yachts are available in Athens marinas with or without skipper/or crew.

Trains lead to many Greek cities and to Northern countries.

Road access to all Greece and to European countries. Greece has numerous beautiful spots on the coastline as well as beautiful mountain sceneries which are worth visiting. There are beautiful mountains with alpine skiing resorts, lakes for fishing and swimming, rivers for cayak/canoeing and traditional villages with nice Greek food.

Athens real estate offers the highest surplus value expectationsas prices are the lowest in the last six years and the Greek financial recovery just began. Now it is the opportunity for investment!

Athens Winter is mild and the city is full of life.  

Athens is the business center of Greece.

Athens rental market is the highest in Greece despite the fact that all rents have been decreased due to the economic crisis.

The Greek capital also offers GREAT SHOPPING with many large shopping areas and Malls with all known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ralph Lauren etc.

Athens has a range of beautiful beaches in its south -  only 10 to 30 minutes from Athens downtown, such as: Faliron, Voula, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Saronida. These suburbs have a Southern California atmosphere with the advantage of the warm, safe (no sharks, no big waves) sea water. There are well organized sandy beaches with food, drink, music, umbrellas and sunbeds at reasonable cost with  common prices for the facilities use are 5 to 6 euros. There are also free beaches like Voula, Kavouri, Vouliagmeni, Saronida and Marathon. In a longer distance of 45 minutes there are more free beaches like Porto Rafti, Mati and Rafina.




Athens entertainment is famous. Nice restaurants, cafes, cinemas, bars, music clubs, summer night festivals, open theaters and cinemas for the summer, rock festivals all are there for entertainment. Athens is a city live 24/7!!

Athens as the birthplace of western civilization offers its cultural wealth with a vast variety of museums, ancient open theaters operating during summertime, numerous archeological sites and art galleries.

Education: Athens has school of all stages, universities, colleges public (free) and private. There are also international universities and international (English speaking) schools that can help entry to U.S.A, UK and other European universities. (foreign language speaking education in Greece is only available in Athens).

Health Care: Athens has many big hospitals public (free) and private