Procedure and time of settlement
The engineers of Papamanolis Development undertake the autopsy of the illegal property, the collection of data required for inclusion for the regulation and estimates the temporary fine.  Then he has to submit electronic applications until January 31, 2013 in order to issue a "unique number" for the payment order of the appropriate regulation fine, the amount of payment and the number of installments which are chosen by the owner of the illegal property.

The fine is payable (also electronically via web Banking ) to a bank and after payment is certified the system activates the inclusion process of this property. Then the system generates a payment schedule and the property owner gets a unique password through which he can get his balance due and all payment information during all the payment procedure until all installments have been paid.

At the same time, the engineers will compile or compose the necessary plans and other documents which must be submitted by June 30, 2013 in order to complete the file. When file is complete the system will issue a "Regulation Certificate" which will include all the information of the property.  This certificate is required by law when the property must be sold .

In case that the property owner wants the immediate completion of the process and issuance of the above certificate, then an interim certificate will be issued until the system is ready for electronic submission of studies and other data.  In that case the engineer will be responsible to make an electronic confirmation that he has gathered all the documents required for the property's inclusion in the regulation process. The engineer will be obliged to submit them electronically June 30, 2013.