Papamanolis Development, as a design and construction company provides:

Building studies for Houses or residential complexes

Building studies for Offices, industrial facilities and business spaces

Building studies for apartment buildings and complexes

Building studies for Shopping Centers

Papamanolis Development undertakes the complete building study focusing on the best usage of available space, the harmonious coexistence of the building with the surrounding natural environment and the particular individual needs and preferences of each owner. The company before each study, examines in detail:

The needs and desires of the future inhabitant

The specific plot’s characteristics and peculiarities

The modern trends of aesthetics and functionality

Then the company explores all possible solutions in order to show the customer all the options, which will be discussed in detail in order to select one that meets the taste and financial budget of the client. Papamanolis Development  attaches great importance to cooperation with the customers by offering them a wide variety of solutions, This enables them to see clearly their true needs and realize the preferences and at the same time to find the building solution which is in accordance with the budget they can afford. The company’s philosophy is to implement the best architectural option, without occurring budget overruns.

The company, through a detailed study, highlights the strengths of the building for quality living always on schedule and within the desired cost, as agreed on with the customer.

Papamanolis Development, also adapted to the demands of energy needs, reclaims bioclimatic architecture for the design of buildings and open spaces. The company undertakes studies utilizing natural energy sources, lighting techniques and integrating systems R,E,S. ie solar, geothermal, etc. It identifies the energy efficiency of the building under construction, by using appropriate software aiming to find the best way to build and to calculate the energy efficiency of the house in order to maximize natural energy for heating, cooling and lighting

Specifically, Papamanolis Development takes over all the individual studies that are required to complete a design project such as:

* Preliminary Study

* Architectural Design

* Interior Design

* Landscape Architectural Study

*Geo Technical Study

* Photorealistic three-dimensional model

* Electrical Engineering Study

* Mechanical Engineering Study

* Static Analysis

* Study of Water Supply and Sanitation

* Heating System Study

* Study of Scheduling

* Air Conditioning Study

* Active and Passive Fire Protection

* Study of Fuel Gas

* Energy Efficiency Study ***

* Application Study

***According to the E.C. Energy Regulations as applied  in Greece, the Energy Efficiency Study is mandatory for a building permit for any new building or for any extensive repair of existing building.

The building energy efficiency study is aimed to improve the energy efficiency of the new buildings leading to provide energy saving benefits.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY STUDY of buildings are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings, ensuring energy savings, and improving comfort conditions by implementing a comprehensive energy strategy. The energy strategy is based on principles of energy-optimized architecture and systems integration of renewable efficient energy in new and existing buildings. The systems on the building shell and methods of construction, electromechanical installations, energy management and renewable energy technologies are implemented in order to meet thermal and electrical needs. The energy efficiency of the building is calculated by using Qualified Software.