Brief History
Behind the name Papamanolis Development is a family company with a long history which operated for many decades under the name Papamanolis ATEE. The company started its operations in 1922 in Thessaloniki, where was founded by N. X. Papamanolis. The company moved to Athens since 1947, where it still continues its development until today, with Nikolaos Papamanolis architect, who is in charge for the last 30 years.
Papamanolis Development strongly believes that the highest priority of architecture in our times is to cooperate with construction in order to create buildings with the highest possible energy efficiency in respect of the environment and its preservation.
The Company
Papamanolis Development is a construction company dynamically operating in building studies and building constructions. The most significant advantages of Papamanolis Development are its reliability and experience due to its long successful course of more than 60 years.
Papamanolis Development has been a member of the TECHNICAL CHAMBER OF GREECE since 1980 and lately a member of the HELLENIC CHINESE CHAMBER.
The company offers all services regarding building construction. It buys land and constructs the building, or undertakes return plot construction projects and delivers integrated and quality properties. Additionally the company undertakes as a contractor assignments for study, supervision and construction or renovation of all kinds of buildings regardless size and use.
The basic philosophy of Papamanolis Development is the persistence in quality and the dedication to the people’s needs in order to live a confortable and pleasant private or business life in the buildings. At the same time it is focused in smart solutions of using space, of quality materials and most of all of cost rationalization – value for money – in order to adjust property acquisition prices to the customer’s economic abilities.
In all construction projects the company searches specific methods and materials which give to building a time value respecting the environment and its preservation.
It utilizes modern technology, selected partners, expertise and experience and it is familiar to Greek and European regulations governing property development. The company continuously studies the current requirements of modern architecture and filtering them, it translates them to commercial reality full of inspiration and creativity.