Papamanolis Development studies the construction and issues  Energy Performance Certificates (PAA), which is mandatory for the following cases:

Buying-selling a single building or part of a building (apartment) more than fifty (50) meters (Effective 09/01/2011)

New leasing of a single building over fifty (50) meters (Effective 09/01/2011)

New leasing for parts of residential buildings (apartments) in excess of fifty (50) meters or for commercial use   (effective 09/01/2012 )

1. What is the energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certification is a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Development or other agencies designated by it which is issued by Building Inspector and reflects the energy performance of a building.

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, K.En.A.K, the Energy Performance Certificate PAA buildings:

Show the energy classification of the building.

In SMO it includes, inter alia, general building data, the estimated total annual consumption of primary energy in the reference building as well as the building concerned, the annual energy consumption by energy sources and end use, the total annual final energy consumption, calculated and actual annual emissions of carbon dioxide, and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Each notary, when purchasing real estate transaction training, is required to mention in the contract, the file number of the ARC and attach a certified copy of this FSP. Each rental property, requires the registration number of the SMP which must be entered in a private or notarial lease document. The Tax Authority does not recognize the lease documents if they are not submitted before the current ARC.


If the FSP is issued under programs for housing financed by national and / or community resources, the recommendations of the Energy Inspector is listed on a priority basis including eligible interventions.

2. What is the validity of the energy performance certificate?

The PAA is valid for ten years , except for major renovations of the building which end before the expiration of ten years, so it will end upon completion of renovation work and a new one should be issued.

3. What is the procedure for SMO;

For a PAA owner / operator of the property the following steps should be taken:

Communication with the auditor to confer the Energy Audit for issuing the ARC.

The inspector shall inform the owner / operator of the information needed for the inspection (eg architectural drawings of the building as constructed, projects and / or mechanical equipment, certificates and materials, delivery orders, etc.).

The owner / operator must ensure the accessibility of indoor public and private premises for inspection.

The inspector allows for the adoption of PAA.  With the release of PAA the inspector delivers a signed and sealed copy of the PAA to the property owner.

Information required for issuing Energy Performance Certificate (ARC)

Property constructed before 1983 (before construction 03/14/1983)

Copy of  topography / Sketch

Copies of Architectural Plans (Plan / Sketch of property) *

A copy of the declaration of the property at the Land Registry
(if it has been declared) Clarification: For energy audits, no declaration of the property at the Land Registry is required .

Property Title (optional)

Package Boiler Maintenance (last three years) (optional)

Invoices of energy consumption (eg electricity, gas) (optional)

If not available, the Topographical Chart and / or copies of Architectural Drawings will be undertaken by Papamanolis Development for the surveying of the property with little financial cost to the customer.


Copy of the Building Permit

A copy of the application for the configuration of semi-open spaces
(if an application has been made)

Study of Insulation (optional)

Along with the necessary documents for the issuance of FSP, the following information must be recorded:

Property Basics

Street, Number, Area, PO

No. of Property (ie Flat A2)

Exact square meters of the property

Year of Completion of Construction

Word version PAA (Sale, Rent, etc.)

Contact Information

Property (owner, manager, tenant, Technical Manager, etc.)

First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number

Data Owners

The issuance of payment with the following information from one of the owners


Address: Street, Number, Area, PO

4. What is the cost of a license?

The cost calculation is based on the minimum legal fees:

Apartment: 2 € / m (Minimum 150 €)

The entire building (ie building): 1 € / m (Minimum 200 €)

House: 1.5 € / m (Minimum 200 €)

Store (up to 1000 square meters): 2.5 € / m (Minimum 300 €) - 1.5 € / m (The m over 1000)