Eretria is a beautiful town and an important natural port in Evia Island. Eretria faces the coast of Attica across the narrow South Evian Gulf. It is a popular beachside resort where many Athenians spend their summer holidays. The town's population is around 4.500 people.

In history is very rich starting since the late Neolithic period (3500-3000 BC) for which the first evidence for human activity are pottery shards and stone artifacts found in the area. Homer was the first who mentioned Eretria (Iliad 2/537) as one of the Greek cities which sent ships to the Trojan War. In the 8th century BC, Eretria was powerful and prosperous trading city. It took its name from the ancient Greek word ερέτης which means rower.

Eretria can meet the needs for entertainment of its residents. In the beautiful seaside promenade there are youth clubs, cafes, restaurants, scenic ouzo bars and many fish taverns. There are all sports facilities, hiking, water skiing, fitness, free beaches and beautiful hotels. The beach of Eretria is popular for its cafes, taverns but also for the nightlife. At the end of the pedestrian zone just before the "Island of Dreams" beach there is a popular sandy beach where many people go for swimming. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds and beach bar where you can enjoy a coffee or a drink in the sun.


Major attractions in the area are:

  • Ancient Theatre of Eretria. The original construction dates from the 5th century BC. Destroyed in 198 BC by the Romans has been renovated with more casual materials. This is a very impressive monument which has many similarities with the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens. Unfortunately most of the seats have been stolen. Excavated by the American School of Archaeology while restoration continues until today.
  • Medieval Tomb of the 4th century.
  • The Museum. The Archaeological Museum of Eretria was built in 1960. The historic and archaeological finds from Eretria, Lefkandi and Magoula are displayed in the museum, established by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece.
  • Ancient Dome. Circular building originally erected in the 5th century BC.
  • The "House of Mosaics". House which was built in 370 BC with a mosaic floor with scenes depicting the Nereids in the hippocampus, battles Arimaspi and griffins, sphinx and Lefyton.
  • The temple of Apollo Daphnephoros. In the sanctuary of Apollo at Eretria Daphnephoros discovered the remains of various phases of operation (the first Hekatompedon arched church during the 8th century BC, above him a pavilion ionic early sixth century BC and third, too pavilion, but Dorian and of that century, was destroyed during the Persian invasion in 490 BC).
  • The pine Island of Dreams, a small picturesque island connected with Eretria beach via a small brigde offering tourist facilities.
  • Near Eretria in Amarynthos you can walk in the beautiful waterfront and climb the hill Palichoria to discover the Byzantine churches survived and admire the sunset.

The town can be reached from Skala Oropou by ferry-boat or via Chalkida Bridge by road. It is only 96 klm away from Athens and the International Athens Airport.

Its climate is mild during all the year and the seawater has 25 to 30 C degrees in the warm months (from May to October). The town has all the necessary facilities such as schools, pharmacies, doctors, banks,buses, taxis, food markets, bakerys, post office etc. In Chalkida town which is only 24 klm away there are more facilities such as General Hospital, doctors, all kinds of shopping, speed train access to Athens ( 60 minutes journey).

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