This option is the ideal solution for the land owner who does not have the capital for a building and wants to build on his land.
LAND GRANTING to constructors is a common transaction in the Greek market. It is very profitable for both sides – the landowner and the constructor. In land granting scheme landowners offer land and constructors put in their work, money and materials. Land granting is a building contract under which the constructor gives a portion of the building to the land owner as an exchange of the offered land. The constructor takes over the commitment to construct the building and gets the rest of the land and the building in return.
The land owner interested in building on his plot should give careful consideration to all possible selection criteria when choosing the construction company.  The main criteria should be that of reliability and the experience of the constructor as well as the quality specifications of construction of the building to be delivered and not only the rate of exchange, which is wrong to have priority when making his decisions.
The engineering and construction company, Papamanolis Development, takes over the construction of buildings under land granting contracts guaranteeing successful land developments which will reclaim your land to the best of your interest, providing the validity, reliability and technical know-how of a company operating for over 60 years. 
There are several determinats playing role in order to implement a successful land granting agreement, such as:
The credibility of the constructor who will undertake the building project – a company not having the economic ability to complete the construction may leave an unfinished building and create big problems to the land owner. The land owner should check in advance the history and reputation of the company to be selected.
The constructor’s experience in previous building projects is paramount for consideration
The quality of the construction that will be returned as stated in the contract.
Smart architectural solutions that exploit up land to the last square meter so that all participants can maximise their profit (square meters can be easily lost in corridors or stairs by not experienced architects).
Proper development of the land with the most appropriate options for building solutions must take into account the real estate demand in the area, the peculiarities of the land and the land owner's needs. As an example in an area where there is demand for apartments of 80 square meters, the constructor must not build bigger of smaller properties which will not be sold easily.
If you are a landowner and you wish to build on the land you own, just ask us what can be built on it, what your benefits will be if you grant the construction to us and what you will earn after the construction is done.