The company has built condominiums, shops and office buildings in various regions of Athens, adding more than 1500 properties to Attica residential development. You may view indicative buildings in the following list of plans and pictures.

Vironas - Nikiforidi & Ag. Fanouriou str.
High standards 5-floor building flats facing two streets with a shop in the ground floor and spacious underground private car parking.
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Three blocks of contemporary houses in the ancient greek town of Eretria. 3 minutes walking distance from the beach, private car parking space.
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Vironas - Nikiforidi & Timotheou str.
Modern 9-floor corner building in Vyronas area in Athens. Selected spot with a panoramic view, close to the center of the city with ground floor and underground floor car parking space.
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Contemporary 6-floor building of apartments, with a shop in the ground floor in Peristeri area in Athens.
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Maisonettes in Vouliagmeni area, a southern suburb of Athens by the coast, with a private garden and panoramic view of the sea.
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Building of house flats in selected spot in Kolonaki area with a panoramic view including the city of Athens, the Lycabettus Hill and the sea. The building has 5 floors of houses and 4 underground floors of car parking space with an automatic car elevator
  • aristippou1
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P. Faliro
Block of flats of 7 floors with underground car parking space in Palaio Faliron, a southern suburb of Athens, close to the sea coast.
  • Faliro1
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Vouliagmeni - Athinas str.
5-floor block of apartments with sea view in Vouliagmeni-Kavouri, a southern suburb of Athens.
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6 floor Office Building with shops in the ground floor in a commercial spot of Piraeus, Port of Athens
  • Pireas1
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  • Pireas3
Kolonaki - Irodotou str.
6 floor corner building of apartments, with a shop in the ground floor in a highly commercial spot of Kolonaki area in Athens.
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Residence with a spacious garden and a tennis court in Kifissia
Block of flats of 4 floors in a quiet street, 3 minutes walking distance to the beach in Varkiza, a southern suburb of Athens.
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Athens - Ag. Konstantinou str.
6-floor office building with a ground floor in the center of Athens
  • agkonstantinou
Athens - Patission str.
Patission street in Athens – 4 floor block of flats with a cinema of 1500 seats in the ground floor. The cinema has been recently converted to a store which houses a supermarket branch of a well known chain.
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Kolonaki - Ipsilantou str.
7 floor Building of luxurious flats in Kolonaki area in Athens.
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