The engineering and construction company, Papamanolis Development, undertakes all building restorations such as: 
RESTORATIONS of listed houses
RESTORATIONS of listed buildings
Papamanolis Development provides integrated solutions for the restoration of listed properties for private or business use. Specialists from the company undertake extensive discussions with the client in order to understand the needs and requirements, to make the necessary measurements and learn about current legislation, so as to propose the best possible solution. Before presenting the proposal for the restoration, the company's engineers take into account the static design of the existing building and response capacities so that interventions are absolute and operational.
A complete restoration range of services includes the recording of customer needs, presenting appropriate proposals alongside with their cost estimates, consulting services for pre-approval from a bank to finance the costs of the renovation project planning and design, licensing ( if needed), construction and delivery fee "with the key in hand".
The company employs a complete team of acclaimed collaborators from all disciplines including architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers and experienced technicians to meet any restoration project requirements. 
The restoration of a house upgrades the quality of life and adds value to the property itself whether to be used as a residence or professional property. Contact Papamanois Development for the restoration of your listed property in order to avoid oversight and wastes of time, use our team of engineers and technicians and keep costs within budget. 
Our company has the potential to offer all services needed for restoration, regardless the extent of the work:
1. Issuance of planning permission, if deemed necessary for the renovation.
2. Suggestions of high aesthetics and contemporary design.
3. Demolition
4. Use of high quality and durable materials
5. Proper application and positioning of materials 
6. Energy upgrading of the property
7. Supervision of work by experts
8. Maintenance schedule
9. Record housing budgets - without deviations
10. Any technical work i.e.
• Replacement of flooring
• Plumbing
• Electrical Installations - Lighting
• Painting
• Partitions with plasterboard
• Replacement frames
• Replacement of kitchen cabinet
• Replacement of sanitary
11. Search and selection of rare materials which are special for restorations