Supervision greece, construction

The technical supervision of the project includes the execution and monitoring of the project’s timeline. The purpose of monitoring is to ensure the completion of the construction project meeting the financial, quality and time scheduling criteria that are set by the owner.


The technical supervision of construction is defined and described within the study itself. Technical supervision includes quality control and construction management of the project, after contractors’ and subcontractors methodical evaluations and assignments and after the necessary evaluations of financial bids and the quality of supplier's offers, etc. The aim of the detailed supervision of the construction is to achieve the best potential performance of the project in order to meet the owner’s and architect’s aspects.


The financial monitoring of the project includes budget control, in order to avoid any excesses caused by delays, ineffective choices or hidden costs.


There are numerous engineering specializations involved in Supervision process which are dictated by the type and size of each project. Papamanolis Development has specialized partners representing all the necessary engineering specializations. Papamanolis Development's engineers are all selected for their skills, adequate theoretical and practical knowledge as well as their experience.


Papamanolis Development considers technical supervision as one of the major and important elements of the construction process. Avoiding any potential technical failures, having the needed critical corrections during the execution process and achieving the proper coordination of the project are the main points of a successful building construction project.


For instance, the supervising engineer of a project has the following obligations:

- Defines the appropriate procedures for each project studying the relative law regulations which are applied

- Thoroughly examines  the building study in order to define the technical needs and identify any construction problems or difficulties and the relative solutions.

- Defines the timeline of the project.

- Is obliged to track the daily progress of the project on a calendary basis, showing comments, problems, and solutions that have been identified in each case or any other information concerning the progress of the project.