Topography, topographic greece


The topographic diagram, as it is usually called, is not just a simple chart that accompanies a public document or a contract, but a complete topographic survey including:

1. Engineer's study

2. Field measurements

3. Office work

The topo survey is being edited under the required specifications according to the purpose for which it will be used.

Some of these purposes are:

• Issuance of building permits

• Control of integrity and building capability of plots

• Deed

• Control - Finding parcels

• Forestry Act characterization

• Determination foreshore lines

• Determination of quarry sites

• Enforcement Act and Corrective Enforcement Act

• Settlement Act – actuarial - annexation

• Bordering and segmentation of land

• Licensing of Photovoltaic and Wind farms

• Licensing of antennas for mobile and fixed telephone systems